Earlier this year, a lot of information began to leak about Sony's plans for a PSP successor. Though the company still refuses to officially announce it, most likely saving it for E3 2009, it is pretty obvious by this point that the so-called PSP Go! will become reality later this year. Coupled with it may be new services as well, following a recent survey that seems to hint Sony is gauging interest in a digital rental service for PSP games.

Though I hardly imagine Sony would leave major marketing decisions up to surveys, it may still be an indication that they are seeing if there is any potential for a "games as a service" system on their handhelds. Rental games don't hold a candle to distribution services like Steam, but they might have a lot of potential on handhelds - that's one area where the less stuff you have to carry with you, the better. If Sony can solve capacity problems and make prices fair to users, it seems a logical step to take. What do you think: Can the PSP Go! (or whatever it ends up being called) benefit from a game download rental service?