According to an anonymous source over at The Tech Report, the enthusiast-driven hardware company XFX will soon delve into the realm of power supply units. If it's true, the company would be in line behind OCZ (which acquired the respected PC Power and Cooling in 2007), Corsair and BFG Tech, who have all contributed to the PSU market. Having provided "conclusive evidence," the source claims that XFX will unveil a high-end enthusiast PSU in the coming weeks.

They went on to say that the unit would have a rated power output of 850W with a corresponding name, the "XFX 850 Black Edition." Other specifications presented to The Tech Report include a single +12V rail with 70A maximum output, 80 Plus Silver certification with up to 88% efficiency, a quiet 135mm ball-bearing fan and tight voltage regulation with a ±3% tolerance. It will also feature modular cabling, giving users the ability to add up to two PCI-E, 11 SATA, 8 Molex and 2 floppy disk power connectors, with standard ATX and EPS12V cables hard-wired.

While there was no mention of a price, the companies mentioned previously offer similar power supplies online for $100 to $120. They did, however, provide a 3D mock-up of the PSU.