Development of Firefox 3.5 has seen yet another – albeit minor – delay. Originally slated for early June, the first release candidate version of the browser is now expected to be available within the next week or two. According to meeting notes posted yesterday by Mozilla, there are 10 bugs still awaiting a fix before Firefox 3.5's code can be locked in preparation for a last round of testing before release.

The final version of Firefox 3.5 may still make Mozilla’s end-of-June deadline, providing of course that all code blockers can be eliminated in that time, and that Mozilla limits itself to a single RC. It has taken them a while alright but hopefully this means that the Firefox team is being rigorous about the quality of its product. The current development release, Firefox 3.5 beta 4, was released at the end of April alongside the current stable release. A new security and stability update, Firefox 3.0.11, is also expected within the next 48 hours.