With the Palm Pre garnering positive reviews around the web, many are ready to shell out $199 for the device and sign a two year contract with Sprint on launch day tomorrow. However, knowing Verizon and probably AT&T will be selling the smartphone in just a few months as well, some will rather wait for it to be available on their network of choice. Obviously this would be a problem for Sprint, which counts on its exclusivity agreement and all the hype surrounding the phone to net them a few new subscribers coming from other carriers.

According to Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse, however, Verizon’s claims that it will be offering the Palm Pre within six months are not accurate. During a recent press event the executive said both Palm and Sprint have agreed not to discuss the length of the exclusivity deal, though he assured “it’s not six months,” while suggesting Verizon should check their facts. Hesse also took some time to try and convince reporters that Sprint was a “very different” company from what they were months ago, citing rising customer satisfaction surveys, independent reports of the reliability of their network, and emphasizing on its cost-saving plans compared to the competition.