Facebook has decided to offer its users an additional level of profile customization. Starting June 13 at 4:01am GMT the popular social networking site will allow users to secure a custom username for their profiles. The handles will replace the present random sequence of digits in the URL.

Names will be restricted to alphanumeric characters and a period, and must be a minimum of five characters long. To lockdown your preferred name on Saturday, head over to facebook.com/username. Obviously no two handles will be identical, and with a userbase of 200 million plus - the early bird will most certainly get the worm. Fan Pages will require at least 1,000 fans and must have been created prior to May 31 of this year in order to qualify for a custom name.

Just like other social networking sites, once a profile URL has been chosen, it is set in stone. That said, in case you're undecided or genuinely uninterested, selecting a name isn't mandatory. The company hopes to make it easier for friends, family and even search engines to find profiles. How many of you will be spamming page refreshes at 4am to snag the common first names? I hope not too many.