The fourth downloadable episode for Fallout 3 has arrived on the PC and Xbox 360 this morning. Dubbed Point Lookout, the extra content will put players in a radioactive swampland along the coast of Maryland where they will encounter new mutants, allies, and low-tech weapons as they try to unravel the mysteries of this town. The pack is designed for level 20+ players and like previous releases it costs 800 Microsoft Points ($10).

Those buying the Games for Windows version of Point Lookout, will need to install the latest game update (version 1.6); available here. A fifth expansion, the alien-abduction-themed Mothership Zeta is expected to come in late July. Meanwhile PlayStation 3 owners will be given access to the first DLC in the series, Operation Anchorage, this month, followed by The Pitt and Broken Steel after 4-6 week intervals.