In an effort to extend their reach and make their name better known, Sugar Labs, the developers of the open-source platform originally designed for the XO-1 laptop will soon make the software available in an entirely new format. Nicknamed "Sugar on a Stick," the software package is being released for 1GB USB flash drives, so that any PC can turn into a fully-functional educational desktop.

The platform is specifically engineered to run smoothly even on aging or obsolete hardware, making it more accessible in locations where modern hardware is too expensive or altogether inaccessible. The developers at Sugar Labs are interested in getting feedback from people who use it, looking to help optimize the speed and smoothness of the environment, a key concern when trying to make it run on as many hardware platforms as possible. Interestingly, there are reports of the software running on other low-cost laptops like Intel's Classmate PC.

Based on Fedora, Sugar on a Stick comes well after Sugar Labs split off from OLPC, and represents a part of their effort to get computing into the hands of everyone in the world.