Though Apple is the undisputed king of portable media players today, we can't discount the numerous competitors that are all seeking to steal some of its glory. Microsoft is one of the biggest among them, and has for several years now been trying to make the Zune a better buy than the iPod. They haven't achieved that yet, but will be getting a leg up later on this year when they launch the Zune HD.

Redmond hasn't officially confirmed their release date for the new players, but rumors surfaced this week indicating it is on the schedule for release around September 8th. Microsoft will reportedly push out 16GB and 32GB models, being one of the first devices based around Nvidia's Tegra platform. The latter is what likely interest technophiles the most, as we'll get to see the much hyped platform in action.

That interesting tidbit aside, there’s one thing that strikes me as odd with this rumor. Though 16GB and 32GB sizes are perfectly logical for an mp3 player, the Zune HD is intended to be more than that, with Microsoft expecting people to watch HD videos on it as well. When it comes to hi-def content, even 32GB is very limiting. Is that really the top end of Zune capacity Microsoft will put out for now?