Corsair is announcing the introduction of two new SSD models this week. Available in 64 and 128GB sizes, the capacity of these drives isn't particularly noteworthy, but Corsair is instead focusing on performance aspects to grab our attention. The slower of the two, the P64, will write at speeds upwards of 120MB/sec, whereas the P128 can nearly double that at 200MB/sec.

The drives are based upon the existing technology Corsair already uses in the P256, so they are naturally intended to fill price points underneath that model. The 128GB model is available now priced somewhere around the $350 mark, which is about half the cost of the existing P256, and pretty much in line with similar capacity drives from other vendors. The 64GB variant is expected to be available next month, though its price is not yet known.

It is hard to get terribly excited about new SSDs any longer, with so many options available and the price premiums on them remaining high. With every new drive that is released however, we're one step closer to a market of SSDs that is affordable to everyone. SSD adoption may seem slow, but looking at it from a price per gigabyte standpoint the market has made leaps and bounds in just a few years.