Whether for the limited-time savings or an eager need to ditch Vista, preordering of Windows 7 has been immensely popular at certain online retailers. Amazon.com in particular has handled quite a number of orders placed for the operating system, with the majority of people buying the $49 upgrade version of Windows 7 Home Premium. As it stands, the package is ranked as number one at the retailer's electronics products section, beating all other software and electronic gadgets on the site.

Microsoft's pre-retail success with Windows 7 is not exclusive to the US either, with several reports around the web suggesting that demand has exceeded the company's expected supply in Japan. As far as ad campaigns go, Microsoft hasn't played up Windows 7 nearly as much as they did Vista, so why the demand? - Especially after such a short time since Vista's release. Whatever each individual's reason for upgrading is, it seems Windows 7 is off to a good start.