Just when it seemed like it was all over for Psystar, the infamous Mac-clone maker is reportedly set to emerge from bankruptcy and “again battle Goliath.” In an email newsletter sent to subscribers today, the company said Chapter 11 protection was critical to their daily operations, and suggested it plans to continue churning out products despite its legal and financial troubles.

In fact, the company just unveiled their new Open(7) system, which pairs an Intel Xeon CPU with up to 24GB of RAM for a fast OS X experience starting at $1,500. Psystar also announced a new bootloader, called the Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBL), and mentioned plans of an open source release. More details regarding the future of its business are expected soon, as the Chapter 11 process nears completion.

The lawsuit will likely continue in the meantime, which makes me wonder if Psystar folks are unusually valiant for releasing a new Mac-clone, have the financial backing of Apple’s competitors as it has been previously speculated, or are just poorly advised.