LucasArts is reaching back to their roots this week, with an announcement that it will be re-releasing ten of its classic titles for the PC through Steam. Included amongst the digital releases planned for July 8 are original adventure games Loom and The Dig, as well as numerous Indiana Jones and Star Wars titles. This is apparently just “the first round of releases,” so we can probably expect to see more of their old games before long.

Additionally, LucasArts licensed its Monkey Island property to Telltale Games to create a new episodic series, which begins tomorrow, and is set to launch its own graphical remake of the original Secret of Monkey Island adventure game with new HD graphics on July 15 for Xbox 360 and PC. Last but not least, the company also hinted at the possibility of some of its games being ported to mobile gaming devices, such as the PSP Go and the iPhone.