One of the most complicated and convoluted issues plaguing the Internet these days are copyright concerns. From music and videos to books, pictures and more, all content is likely to have some artist behind it who may or may not be willing to share. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to determine if something is legal to use on your own. Google understands this, and as of today has launched a new feature aimed at making finding completely free content a bit easier.

Expanding their image search feature, the company is adding the ability to filter results to show only images that have certain licenses attached, such as Creative Commons, trivializing the process of finding content that is free to use. The new search functionality is expansive enough to include public domain works, GNU Free Documentation, Creative Commons and more, and will no doubt be expanded upon in the future.

It would be great to see more services like this in the future, aimed at all sorts of works, to make free and open collaboration and content creation easier. Google is also hoping that people who create images will be more apt to tag their work with the license they prefer, making such search tools more powerful as time goes on.