Bing has seen a desirable growth in traffic, and has even been attributed with nibbling away at Google’s market share. Unfortunately, however, Microsoft's new search engine has yet to generate growth in ad spending, according to a report by research firm SearchIgnite.

Bing’s share of search engine ad spending for the second quarter remained at less than 6% - where it’s been for years. The report has Yahoo down to a 17% share of search spending and a loss of 26% in search share from a year-ago. All the while, Google has risen to 77% in search engine ad spending, well above the rest.

Bing isn’t exactly out of the game, though. It was noted in the report that researchers have seen an increase in Bing’s search query share since its early June launch. It says that search query share shows an interest at the consumer level, while spend share is an indication of advertisers’ interests. Spend share typically lags behind search query share, so spending may rise in the third quarter.