Whether online or on TV, you have probably seen at least one of Microsoft’s ads in their most recent “Laptop Hunter” campaign. For those who haven’t seen it, the premise is simple; Give someone $1,000 and tell them to buy any laptop they want. Invariably, the person walks out of a store with a Windows-based PC, with comparisons being made throughout the choosing process that portray Apple’s machines as simply too expensive. A clever approach, and one that may be working out for Microsoft.

So much indeed that apparently Apple has been pressuring them to pull the ads. Whether this means the Mac maker is threatening legal action or simply trying to strong-arm isn't clear. The company is essentially saying that Microsoft's ads are based on old pricing structures, as they’ve recently updated their laptop line and lowered some of their prices.

Apple believes the ads aren't fair, but if you take Microsoft COO Kevin Turner’s word for it, they have no intention of ceasing them. You can read the full transcript from where Mr. Turner’s commentary was taken here.

Is Apple really putting pressure on Microsoft? They’ve certainly enjoyed poking merciless fun at Vista with their “I’m a Mac” ads, so do they actually expect Microsoft drop their price-focused campaign on grounds that it is outdated? Personally, I think taking this matter into legal territory would be a PR disaster for Apple. What’s your take?