Microsoft’s Mac Business Unit (MacBU) has released service pack 2 for Office 2008. The update delivers a host of bug fixes in addition to several new features which reportedly improve the Office 2008 experience. Among the improvements is a new tool called Document Connection, new PowerPoint functionalities as well as speedier launch, scroll, and calculation times.

As you might conclude from the name, Document Connection allows you to access and modify documents on Microsoft Office Live Workspace via MS Office applications. By simplifying the interaction with and management of files, Document Connection makes collaboration within a SharePoint environment easier. Furthermore, Microsoft Office Live Workspace includes support for Safari 4 and Firefox 2.0.

PowerPoint now has the ability to author motion-path animations, and you can define a default theme which includes fonts, color schemes, and layouts. Installing SP2 will bring faster launch and scroll times to Word and Excel, as well as tweaked calculation performance.

Microsoft Office 2008 SP2 for Macs can be downloaded here (free, of course) and is also available via Microsoft AutoUpdate. To check out a trial version of Office 2008, click through here.