Apple posted its handsome quarterly earnings yesterday. They reported a gross margin of 36.3% (up from 34.8% in the year ago quarter), a revenue growth of almost 12% year over year to $8.34 billion, and a rise in quarterly profits to $1.23 billion ($1.35 per share).

Cupertino shipped 2.6 million Macs during the quarter, up 4% from a year ago. The iPhone earned its keep and then some, with sales growing 626% to 5.2 million in that segment. While iPod sales dropped by some 7% to 10.2 million units (the worst performance this quarter), CFO Peter Oppenheimer sees the iPod touch stealthily growing toward 10%.

Apple’s pockets are lined so well that speculation has arisen suggesting they couldn’t churn out iPhones quick enough. The company has admitted to the accusation, saying that the demand has been staggering in nearly every country the iPhone ships. They say they’re unable to make enough 3GS units to meet demand – but, they’re working to address this and plan to launch the device in 20 more countries next month.