Over two months back, Intel was slammed with a record breaking $1.45 billion antitrust fine for paying manufacturers and a retailer to favor its products over AMD's. In a statement following that news, Intel CEO Paul Otellini retorted the EU's claims and vowed to appeal their decision. Today, the chip maker appealed with the Luxembourg-based Court of First Instance, Europe's second highest judicial body.

The massive fine resulted in Intel posting a second quarter loss this year. A spokesman for the company said they believe the EU was wrong in their decision - which hasn't changed since the charge was announced. While Intel finds the EU's ruling to be wrong on many levels, they intend to pay the fine and will recoup the funds if the appeal is successful.

Even with a winning appeal, Intel may not be out of the woods. Some analysts believe that the EU's verdict may pressure American legal agencies to take action against the chip maker. Word has it that both the FTC and New York attorney general's office are investigating Intel.