In the midst of netbook-fever, Pioneer has introduced an ultra-slim DVD writer, the DVR-XD09. While USB flash drives fit the bill quite well, if you use your netbook enough, eventually a disc will cross your path. As you’re probably aware, a significant portion of the netbooks in circulation aren’t fitted with an optical drive.

Pioneer’s DVR-XD09 is an extremely low profile optical drive that weighs in at a meager 8oz, and is only slightly larger than a music CD case at 5.24” x .58” x 5.24”. Unlike the AC adapter that accompanies most bulky 5.25” enclosures, the DVR-XD09 makes use of USB 2.0 for both data and power. It accepts discs as large as 8.5GB and supports 8x writing speeds for single-layer DVDs, 6x for double-layer media and 24x for CDs.

Pioneer is readying the DVR-XD09 for an August launch, and it will sell for about $80.