"How much will it cost us to screw Netscape?" read the immortal words of a leaked e-mail from Microsoft, back in the late 90's, where a senior manager was wondering just how much it would cost Micro$oft to win the browser wars and have the user thinking "IE" when he or she thought "Internet" for the rest of time.

Well, regardless of how much it cost, it looks like they have won. It was a long war, and Netscape put up a brave, brave fight. But in the end, the greater glory of Gates (you will be assimilated!) has won. You don't know the power of the Dark Side.

"Nineteen out of 20 surfers use IE as a browser, with Netscape a very distant second," writes The Register in an article here.

The situation is even gloomier for the likes of Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, etc, who have even more laughable useage percentages. There is a more fulsome breakdown of the situation here.

Think of all that tax payers money spent taking MS to court for integrating IE with the operating system. Did it make a jot of difference? Talk about it here.