Toshiba is showing off what it claims to be the world's largest and fastest SD card, the 64GB SDXC. The card is reportedly compliant with the latest SD memory standard, version 3.0, UHS104, and is capable of hitting read speeds of 60MB/s and write speeds of 35MB/s. The company has also introduced the less-endowed 16GB and 32GB SDHC variants, which also conform to the new memory standard.

Announced in January of this year, version 3.0 supports transfer speeds of up to 104MB/s on the SD interface. The SDXC specification will pick up where SDHC ends and can support up to 2TB in capacity. Toshiba expects their memory to be particularly useful in digital camcorders that require high bandwidth data communication. Digital SLR cameras will be able to shoot longer continuous bursts in the highest quality RAW format, and downloading a 2.4GB video will take only 70 seconds.

Although Toshiba has reserved the "world's first" title, sample shipments of its 64GB SDXC aren't coming until November. The Average Joe can expect to wait until next spring. No pricing has been disclosed.