The Business Software Alliance (BSA) announced today that a California judged has ordered a man to pay $210,563 after auctioning pirated software. The man, Matthew Miller, allegedly sold copies of software by Adobe Systems, Autodesk and Microsoft on iOffer, an online auction site. Miller supposedly downloaded the software, burned copies onto CDs and sold about 200 of them to customers for $8 to $12.

The BSA accused Miller of offering nearly $11,900 in stolen software to an undercover investigator for $52, and selling it for $45 after haggling with the investigator. The $210,000 ruling includes $195,000 in statutory damages and $15,563 in court and lawyer fees. Miller must also dispose of any remaining illegal software in his possession.

According to BSA senior director of legal affairs, Jenny Blank, the alliance and its member companies rarely take action against individuals and prefer to educate the public about software piracy instead. The BSA warns that consumers should be aware of software offers that appear too good to be true.