Creative Labs have posted several updated Audigy 2 applications/drivers;

1. Audigy 2 Driver Pack version
2. Creative DVD-Audio Player version 1.00.55
3. Creative EAX Console version 1.00.54
4. Creative MediaSource version 1.00.54
5. Creative SoundFont Bank Manager version 1.00.14
6. Creative Speaker Settings version 1.00.54

Download Now. Note - Currently the Updates are only available using the Auto-Update feature (Not manual). Ensure you have Mediasource installed (You may need to uninstall & reinstall it if you updated it before) or you might receive a Cannot find hardware error. Beyond that just go to the USA/UK Support site & use the Download Drivers link, then select your Soundcard & run the Auto-Update as suggested. The Audigy 2 will be covered in the next Soundcard guide update.