Sony has been very busy working on the PlayStation 3 lately, making several important changes that are sure to affect how the console is perceived by the public. On top of announcing the much-anticipated PS3 Slim, they also backtracked on a long history of standing resolute on prices by offering a $100 cut. All of this has lead to renewed interest in the console and it looks like Sony isn't wasting the opportunity.

The company has prepared a new marketing campaign to refresh the eyes of potential consumers. Dubbed “It Only Does Everything,” the ads focus on playing up the console's vast functionality, all while poking some fun at the months of price cut rumors and the company's consistent denial. The ads are clearly aimed at people who have been following console development for some time, as opposed to a more general audience.

Indeed pointing out some of the very issues they've been criticized for in the past is a nice way to break the ice and introduce the new price point along with the slimmed-down version of the console. Will it succeed? Check out the ads which are embedded after the jump.