Sales of Sony's PlayStation 3 have skyrocketed by 104% in America between August 23 and August 29 -- the Slim's launch week. The 7 days prior to the Slim's release Sony moved 37,167 units, and upon its arrival that number more than doubled to 75,931.

VGChartz notes that because the PlayStation 3 Slim was unavailable at many retailers during its debut week, high sales may continue in the immediate future. They have also reported that some major outlets like GameStop, Best Buy, Gamecrazy, and Amazon experienced a 200% leap in PlayStation 3 sales, while Walmart and Target saw a 50% increase.

On a global scale, PlayStation 3 sales are down, with 109,485 units having sold. VGChartz believes this is due to Japan and other regions awaiting the Slim's release. Meanwhile, Nintendo shipped 365,243 DS and 191,655 Wii units during the week, Microsoft sold 142,881 Xbox 360s, and Sony moved 136,434 PSPs and 63,160 PS2s.