Pliant Technology has unveiled a family of enterprise-ready solid state drives. The drives are supposedly two to four times quicker than currently available SSDs, offer ten times the data reliability, and consume less energy. The company claims its enterprise flash drives deliver the "industry's highest sustained performance with the most predictable performance profile across a wide range of read/write workloads."

Detailed performance specifications include read/write speeds of 525/340MB/s (LS) and 420/220MB/s (LB), a read/write mix varying from 90%/10% to 60%/40%, and an IOPs of 160,000 (LS) and 120,000 (LB). The drives make use of SLC NAND flash memory, ship in 3.5" (150GB, 300GB) or 2.5" (150GB) form factors, and feature a full duplex, fully independent, dual-port SAS interface.

The Lightning LS300, LS150 and LB150 drives are currently open to OEM evaluation, and they'll be available through authorized channel partners this month.