DigiTimes is reporting that Intel has set an internal goal to ship one million of its recently launched Lynnfield processors before the year is up -- an ambition that seems probable. According to industry sources, Asus and Gigabyte are each expecting to move some 400,000 P55 motherboards by the end of this year, whilst MSI, ECS and ASRock are slotted for a combined sale of 200,000 units.

Asus exec said the company is anticipating the sale of 5.5 to 6 million motherboards in the third quarter, 6 million in the fourth, and 22 million units total in 2009. P55-based motherboards will account for 10% of its 22 million shipped this year. As of now, around 30% of the company's motherboard sales are from Intel G31-based products.

Intel has not made any official announcements, and declined to comment on its shipment targets or market speculation.