Generally speaking, PC sales surge when Microsoft launches a new version of Windows. Steeper system requirements among other motives exist for people to purchase a new machine along with a fresh Windows build. Recognizing this, suppliers often beef up their stock shortly before launch dates. That was true for Windows Vista and Windows XP, but may not be so for Windows 7.

There are some concerns, sourced from notebook vendors according to Digitimes, that the launch of Windows 7 will have a minimal impact on PC sales this year. Rather, sales aren't expected to pick up until many months later, during the second half of 2010. At that point, they say, larger companies will start releasing money for upgrades, and the market will respond accordingly. In the meantime, it could mean that resellers who stock up too much in anticipation of a strong market this year may find themselves with a surplus of Windows 7 machines.

Overstocked inventory may hurt suppliers, but it will likely be beneficial to end users -- at first, anyway -- as companies offload goods that aren't moving. Windows 7 has had a fairly interesting marketing campaign this year, though it can't quite match the level of excitement Microsoft had behind Windows Vista. Is that playing a part in these rumors, or is it more of an artifact of a slumping PC market?