Earlier this year, Microsoft found itself receiving a fair share of criticism after it was revealed that the company had some limitations planned regarding what systems were allowed to run which version of Windows 7. Specifically, netbook manufacturers would be forced to install the Starter or Basic editions on their machines, whereas full-featured versions of the OS would remain exclusive to other markets.

While on the surface that might sound reasonable enough given the low-cost nature of netbooks, the lack of features in these cut-down versions -- like not being able to change your desktop wallpaper or use the Aero interface and Taskbar previews -- felt more than a bit underwhelming. Fortunately, it appears as though Microsoft had a change of heart and will allow OEMs to install any version of Windows 7 they see fit.

The software giant also confirmed that the three application limit originally planned for Windows 7 Starter has been removed. Meanwhile, the added cost of a Home Premium license will no doubt be passed along to consumers, but at least users will have some choice in the matter now.