Yahoo acquired Xoopit for $20 million in July and immediately began declining new Gmail users, but said it would continue support for open accounts. The company has since rescinded that support, announcing Friday that it would entirely drop the Gmail integration of Xoopit.

Users have until November 13 to backup any media stored on Yahoo's servers – though the company will keep data until next February in accordance with its 90-day retention policy. Yahoo claims its decision to end Xoopit support for Gmail users is to focus on developing the tool for its own products. It simply does not want to continue investing resources in Xoopit for Gmail users – yet, it doesn't want them to end up with a lousy experience.

If you're uninterested in switching to Yahoo Mail to use Xoopit beyond November 13, Yahoo suggests you check out a few Gmail Labs features which may ease the migration away from the photo sharing tool. We also recommended many of the Labs items in a recent tech tip, which include previews of YouTube, Picasa and Flickr media.