Dell's foray into ultra-mobile devices shows no signs of slowing. While they're not a huge name in the market, they certainly have the resources to give it a go – which is why scattered reports of them crafting an Android device this year were no big surprise. If recent reports hold merit, Dell's upcoming smartphone will be Android-based and will be released through AT&T.

Teaming up with AT&T makes perfect sense, and it would be another name on the growing list of providers that support Android devices. Earlier in the year, fuzzy pictures of a concept smartphone from Dell caught the eye of many, though nothing official has emerged.

Whether Dell can be taken seriously as a competitor in the smartphone market remains to be seen – but given the increasingly blurry line between "smartphones" and "ultra mobile PCs", Dell might be able to leverage their substantial stake in the mobile computing market to their advantage.

Will we have a Dell phone running Android next year?