We recently covered comScore's report, which said that Google's August 2009 views totaled over 10 billion, accounting for a fat 39.6% of the Internet videos watched that month – or nearly 20 times the number served by its nearest competitor Microsoft, which only showed 547 million videos.

Unsurprisingly, YouTube made up about 99% of that 10 billion, but the video sharing site says it is much larger than detailed by comScore. YouTube has since disclosed more accurate – and astronomical – viewership figures. YouTube says that it serves well over 1 billion videos each day, or more than 30 billion per month.

That's over three times the size suggested by comScore, though, the research firm's figures were not exactly wrong. The view counts released by comScore were only for the US, whereas YouTube's posted figures are global. Note the loose wording, too: "well over 1 billion" – I am afraid to know precisely what the numbers are.