Among the few decent games released this year was Wolfenstein – a sequel to Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Co-developed by Raven Software, id Software, Pi Studios and Endrant Studios, most review sites scored the title with about 8 out of 10 marks – a decent reception. If you're not completely sold on the title, you can take it for a test drive by downloading the demo here.

Feel free to burn a little time while waiting for the 685MB file by checking out our in-depth performance analysis of Wolfenstein. If you happen to enjoy the demo and want to play the game in its entirety, we have a 50%-off promotion running in our deals section that knocks the price down to $24.90 (the special ends in about 35 hours). Should you prefer Valve's digital distribution service, Wolfenstein also just landed on Steam's virtual shelves for $49.99.