A lot of PC users are excited for this week's release of Windows 7, but some Mac users may be as well. Given the popularity of Boot Camp for Windows XP (and Vista), it's only natural that people would want to run Windows 7 on Apple hardware, and to date there has been no official mechanism for doing such.

Microsoft's new operating system launched today, so any vendors that have been waiting for the official release to start adapting now have all the motive required – including Apple, which has announced plans to offer Boot Camp support for Windows 7 later this year.

This comes as good news to anyone who has been running it "unofficially" on a Mac, as well as those who were concerned about Apple's stance on supporting the new OS. There are some specific models Apple won't be supporting, which includes a handful of older iMacs and older MacBook Pros. Any newer machine should have no trouble though, so long as they are based on an Intel platform.