A recent rumor suggests that AMD may have plans to halt orders for various Phenom II X4 processors starting in the fourth quarter of 2009 into the first half of 2010. It is suspected that AMD's decision is based on a plan to launch a revised Phenom II X4 (Deneb 45nm) processor, which will have lower thermals and support higher clock rates.

If the speculation holds any truth, AMD's Phenom II X4 910 and 945 will be pulled first, with the last order being made this quarter, and shipments will cease in the second quarter of next year. Next to die will be the Phenom II X4 925, which will stop shipping in the third quarter of 2010. The 125W Phenom II X4 955 will be replaced with a 95W iteration in the second quarter of next year, along with the 140W 965 which will be swapped with a 125W unit.

In other AMD news, the company has postponed the launch of its 1.8GHz 45nm 25W Regor-based CPU (dubbed Athlon II X2 620u) until late first quarter 2010. The 1.6GHz Athlon II X2 520u is still slated for a late 2009 debut.