In addition to announcing that its 15" OELD display will hit Korean shelves in November, LG revealed plans to release 20"-plus OLED panels in 2010, 30"-plus in 2011, and 40"-plus in 2012 – quite the outlook. While smaller panels will use sixth-generation substrates with a low-temperature polycrystal silicon, OLED panels larger than 40" will require eight-generation size glass substrates.

According to LG's OLED sales and marketing VP Won Kim, eighth-generation substrates will require LG to develop equipment that can handle a temperature of over 700 degrees Celsius. The company says oxide semiconductor is one of the candidate materials to be used for large panels, but it has a low reproducibility because of variations among lots. It was also made known that fluorescent materials will be used until 2011, followed by phosphorescent materials.

LG hopes to achieve a 50% higher material cost and a 30% lower yield than those of LCD panels in 2012, and a 20-30% lower material cost with an equivalent yield in 2016 – meaning that 40" OLED displays may be cheaper than their LCD counterparts in 7 years.