By now, nearly everyone can agree that Windows 7 is at the very least a marginal improvement over Windows Vista, so its success comes as no surprise. According to research by NPD Group, Microsoft sold 234% more boxed versions of Windows 7 than it did Vista during the first couple days of sales. The research firm's data covers sales from October 18 to 24 and includes Windows 7 presales.

Windows 7 has also pulled in more cash thus far, with 82% greater revenue than Vista. NPD notes that a combination of early discounts on presales and a lack of promotional activity for Windows 7 Ultimate caused the lopsided revenue. Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade was the top selling SKU, with an average selling price of $76. Windows 7 Pro Upgrade followed in sales, with an average price of $147, and the $149 Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack came in third place.

Microsoft's new operating system experienced a 40% boost in market share, and has noticeably increased PC hardware sales.