Potential fix for 1 million banned Xbox 360's has arrived A fix appears to have arrived, according to some of the forums, but it is rather complex and requires access to either an Xbox 360 you know the CPU key of, or did not update over the summer. DailyTech

Judge rules for Apple in Psystar case A judge has ruled in Apple's favor in its copyright-infringement case against Psystar, which has been selling Mac clones running Mac OS X. CNET

Google hopes to speed up the Web with new protocol Today we'd like to share with the web community information about SPDY, pronounced "SPeeDY", an early-stage research project that is part of our effort to make the web faster. The Chromium Blog

Bill Gates praises Steve Jobs for saving Apple When asked about Steve Jobs in a TV special that aired this week, Bill Gates said the Apple co-founder has shown "more inspiration" than any other leader in the tech industry. AppleInsider

Stick with XP? Windows 7 battery life worse on netbooks Back in August when we started testing the final version ofWindows 7, we noticed that several netbooks didn’t last as long on a charge with the new OS installed as with Windows XP. LaptopMag