According to Fudzilla, some new information has emerged about Intel's 2011 Atom platform, which will be a successor to the imminent Pine Trail platform. Codenamed Cedar Trail, the 2011 refresh should bring the first Atom processors built with a 32nm fabrication. Behind the scenes, Fudzilla says those 32nm chips are codenamed Cedarview.

Details are scant, but it is expected that shrunken Atom CPUs will feature an integrated graphics core, much like Intel's other 32nm parts. Cedarview is said to support DirectX 10-level 3D, HD video decoding, and should bring dual digital outputs that recognize DisplayPort and HDMI as well as older standards.

Additionally, Cedarview should house a single-channel memory controller with support for 1066MHz DDR3 RAM. There are also other tidbits that really go without saying, like the potential for decreased temperatures and power consumption.

Looking ahead even further, Cedar Trail will be replaced by early 2013 when Intel introduces its 22nm chips.