In a presentation with investors, Sony revealed that it would introduce 3D stereoscopic technology to the PlayStation 3 as a part of its strategy to achieve profitability. The company plans to introduce a system-wide firmware update that will add 3D functionality to the PlayStation 3.

Sony is aiming to lead the 3D market -- and it shows. The company said during September's IFA technology conference that it planned to deliver 3D-capable TVs, Blu-ray players, and VAIO laptops. It also wants to install 3,000 Sony-crafted 3D theater projectors in cinemas by the end of 2010.

As for the PlayStation 3, Sony is expected to provide partnered developers with 3D-specific tools, so they can begin making games for the platform. That said, most consumers will have to upgrade their TVs in order to experience PS3 games in the most effective 3D modes.

Sony's CEO, Howard Stringer believes that new technology like 3D and the upcoming PS3 Motion Controller will drive the company's PlayStation business into the black by March 2011.