According to figures from AdMob, Apple's iPhone now accounts for half or more of the mobile traffic in the US, UK and globally. This is the first monthly mobile ad trends report from AdMob since it agreed to be acquired by Google earlier this month for $750 million in stock.

Apple has reportedly gained 7% from last month's traffic share, now representing 50% of the global pie. Symbian fell from 29% to 25%, while Android took third place, increasing from 10% to 11%. Research In Motion's slice shrunk by 1% to 7%, and Windows Mobile slipped from 5% to 3%.

Apple's share rose by 7.2% to 55% in the US. Meanwhile, Android grew from 17% to 20% (almost entirely from HTC sales), and RIM lost 2%, settling at 12% of the market. Usage of the Palm Pre has also decreased in October, with WebOS's share falling from 10% to 5%.

Similar trends were noticed in the UK, with Apple accounting for 74% of smartphone traffic, a 3% increase on month. Symbian and Android both lost a percentage point, from 12% and 11% in September to 11% and 10% in October.