A recent survey conducted by IDC suggests that most buyers still prefer standard sized notebooks over netbooks. The survey asked 2,263 new PC buyers across the Asia Pacific about their buying preferences and included results from Australia, India, Korea, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Among the respondents, 60% indicated that they would still purchase a regular notebook as their next PC. Although netbook sales have aided in buoying PC volumes during 2009, limited cannibalization of regular notebook sales is expected in the region, according to Reuben Tan, senior manager of Asia Pacific personal systems research at IDC.

A majority of the respondents in China, India, Malaysia, and Singapore indicated that warranty length and after-sales support matter most when purchasing a new PC. On the flipside, PC brand and store location were among the least important factors -- though it was shown that people in the region prefer to shop for computers at physical outlets.

On a side note, over half of those polled said they would only purchase a new monitor to replace a defective one, while 16% plan to buy a new display when prices come down.