Study: Consumers still prefer regular notebooks over netbooks

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Matthew DeCarlo

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A recent survey conducted by IDC suggests that most buyers still prefer standard sized notebooks over netbooks. The survey asked 2,263 new PC buyers across the Asia Pacific about their buying preferences and included results from Australia, India, Korea, Malaysia, China, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

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Hmmm the thing is that notebooks can be very unreliable sometimes. I know laptops too but they get to last a little more than netbooks. At least, that's what I've read.


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I still prefer notebook over netbooks the cost of a netbook I would like I can get an awesome notebook plus money left over.


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Well I think netbooks have their very own, specific market.The added portability is a big plus for some people.
For the average Joe though, notebooks are better. Screens are larger, keys are better and they are somewhat easier to upgrade :)


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netbooks look cool but are utterly unpractical, as can be backed up by anyone over the age of 10 that has tryed to type on the things, i dont have fat fingers and yet i can press the "q" key and the "return" key at the same time with the same finger! ergonomics went out the window on those things, I for one will be happy to se the back of 'em.


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I'll always prefer a regular laptop. If I want something that is lightweight and portable, I'd rather get an expensive laptop than a cheap netbook. At least I know it'll be fast enough to do most of the things I need.


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I would think that desktops are just not a big seller in this region at all for it to not deserve any mention. When I think PC I think of a Personal Computer, IE a desktop, something that sits on your desk and is always there and to a certain extent infinitively upgradeable. Netbooks are nothing more than a gimmick, so much so my dictionary tool incorporated into my browser tries to correct it to being Notebook. At the same time I still don't even care for Notebooks because they still lack the performance of a true laptop. I personally bring my laptop just about everywhere I go, I don't mind at all plugging it in and I know I'll be able to use it to do more than just the basics while being comfortable to use at the same time. Maybe I'm missing the point to these ultra small keypads with screens.


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Well, here in Mexico, netbooks are now very popular, specially the ones from Acer, the problem with them is that they are not really reliable, I have seen a lot of people trying to understand why their netbook is not working anymore or why they take so long to do a very simple task, personally I don't like netbooks they are just a toy jaja, I have an ipod touch and it is capable of doing almost everithing a netbook can do, but well It is good to see that computers are becoming cheaper and cheaper, in that way more people can afford them, that should be a good thing right


netbooks = small, cheap, slow, unreliable, expensive to repair, no optical drive, small keys
notebooks = bigger, more expensive, more reliable, cheaper to fix, optical drive, bigger keys

a netbook is good for "surfing the web" in public places. who has time to do that? not worth the 300 investment unless you're into paying to "look cool"

i would like one for my computer repair business due to portability, but.... i am afraid it will break on me and its also way too slow for what i need.

did i mention the atom is slow as ****?

better off spending 200 bucks on a used latitude c610 - its more reliable extra battery bay, etc.. etc..


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This is a bit unsurprising to me, because despite the raging popularity of netbooks, a users expectations generally have to drop when buying the half price version of a product. And then after the awe of their "economical" choice has worn off, I've heard several owners express the same concerns I had when initially hearing about the product's debut. While I don't believe a potential buyer needs to dump their girlfriend just to be able to afford a machine capable of accessing facebook, which they ironically joined to talk to said girlfriend, netbooks attempt to cater to a type of person which does not exist. That person is one who has tiny fingers, sniper like vision, and the processing needs of someone in the year 2000.


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An i-phone or any other smartphone is better than a netbook. Plus you can put your phone in your pocket :p I think netboooks are just a waste of money, you can find netbooks with 500-600(eruo/dollars) while notebooks with that price kick (some) ***.


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the main problem with netbook i think is the screen size, you can barely read the content of a web page with a 8 or 10" screen =-='' 12'' onwards is at least acceptable to me.


netbooks are made for SM-relations
sadists are the one who make them
masochists are those who use them
its that simple, not more, nor less


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when I was shopping for a cheap laptop, I wanted to get a netbook, but I wont go without a dvd drive, and also the ability to play full screen hd video, which the atom isnt powerful enough. Ive seen some little ones with cd drives and real hdd's, etc... but they are alot more than the bargain laptop was that I bought


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I can't go without a dvd drive so i'm not even thinking of buying a netbook.
The extended battery life is good and all but i need a bit more processing power than a netbook can offer me. Also working on a small display is really annoying.


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Netbooks are what they are cute tiny knock offs of the real thing there slow have limited storage NO dvd drive and cant even play HD video that is just rediculous. i for one would buy a $400 notebook or atleast a used notebook with 2Gb of ram and even a celeron cpu. i mean come on the atom is a joke yes you get great battery life but who sets at a resturant or school for 7 hours playing around on a netbook?


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well if your going to buy a PC, why buy a very weak netbook which is basically just for the internet when you can shell out alil more for a far better laptop, which can serf the internet and do a million other things...(unless its a mac) than your shelling out an arm and a leg. Everyone in my college iv noticed so far that uses a laptop doesnt have a netbook and iv been there 3 years.


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I declare my self as a gamer. So netbook is not a option for my taste. They might be ok for surfing, email, and some not to much space demanding tasks. But for gaming, movies, profesional tools i don`t think so.


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I don't see netbooks lasting very long as smartphones do pretty much the same things (surf the internet on the go, casual gaming), except a phone sits in your pocket whereas you'll be carrying around another bag for your netbook. And anybody who has tried typing on a netbook keyboard while squinting at the tiny screen will not buy one for home use either.


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I own the EeePC and I still prefer a notebook.
its mainly because of the hardware (cpu, ram, hdd)
but also because of the 7" screen.. sometimes too small for me..

I guess a well equipped 10-12" would be perfect for me (more student oriented)

Fragrant Coit

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Netbooks started out as cheap, ultraportable devices.... Now most are expensive, underpowered devices. Because they became "fashionable", their price rose accordingly.

Give me a low end Laptop anyday, cost the same, more grunt, more storage, Optical Drive and if you can't heft an extra 1Kg, then you ought to be in hospital!
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