Although the last hours of Black Friday are ticking by, the steep sales and shopping season have only just begun. Many businesses will continue to offer discounted merchandise over the weekend, and Cyber Monday is only two days away.

Until a few years ago, Black Friday was only embraced by brick-and-mortar chains, but that is quickly changing as folks realize they can cash in on the season's hottest deals without brass knuckles or the stamina of a marathon runner. Whether you raid the local Wal-Mart at 3AM or browse the Web in your underwear, the day after Thanksgiving is hectic for most consumers.

In this installment of the Weekend Open Forum, we want to hear all about your Black Friday experience. What awesome tech deals did you find? Have any bargains to share with fellow TechSpot readers? Did you get everything on your shopping list? And perhaps more interestingly, how many times were you punched in the process? Discuss.