Via's portfolio of small hardware grew this week, with the announcement of its Mobile-ITX form factor. Measuring a mere 6cm square, Mobile-ITX's footprint is half the size of Pico-ITX. Based on existing x86 designs, it is a modular form factor aimed at ultra-compact and low-power uses.

The tiny frame doesn't mean Via skimped on functionality. The reference design can be expanded to include a wide range of inputs and outputs, from USB and PCIe to CRT and DVI. The small and modular design results in power consumption as low as 5 watts, supplied from a slimline power supply. Via has kept the design rugged, making it suitable for cramped and hostile environments.

The platform chipset is based on Via's VX820 media processor, which integrates many common components into a single chip. A C7-M ULV CPU and Chrome9 HC3 GPU are couple with that.