Amazon is offering a new service called Disc+ On Demand that lets customers watch some video titles immediately after purchasing them on DVD or Blu-ray. This improves one of the only remaining benefits of buying videos at Best Buy (who is also exploring on-demand content) and other chains: instant gratification. Waiting a week to watch your new Blu-ray film is a bummer. Disc+ On Demand also adds appeal to the dying physical media.

Over 300 movies and TV shows are currently available with the promotion, and users can stream the videos on their PC or Mac computers, as well as some TVs and set-top boxes from Roku, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, and TiVo. When a participating DVD or Blu-ray is purchased, the digital version is directly listed under the buyer's video library.

Besides the limited content selection, there are a couple of things to point out: the on-demand videos only stream in standard-definition, and the promotion is only available to US customers.