Curtains may be in Psystar's future, following a recent legal victory by Apple. Cupertino has obtained a permanent injunction against the Mac clone builder, making it illegal for them to continue doing business starting the end of this year.

Psystar has two weeks to come into "compliance", and the terms of the injunction make their options very limited. They may be still able to sell clone hardware, but they won't be able to distribute Mac OS X, the Rebel EFI or any mechanism to help people put OS X on unsanctioned systems. As it was such a core part of their business, it is easy to assume they are now destined to fall.

Psystar's fate was easily predicted. Apple is a vigorous defender of their technology. Now it may be time to analyze how attitudes have changed toward hardware that is interoperable with the Mac, as well as Psystar's impact on Apple -- if any. If Psystar crumbles next year, will they have made a positive influence on the Mac community?