It seems Intel is moving ahead with plans to complement its mainstream X25-M solid-state drives with a more affordable V (value) series. Due early next year, the X25-V lineup will use MLC NAND flash memory, have TRIM support, and should handsomely discount Intel's pricey ($300 80GB and $500 160GB) second-generation X25-M SSDs.

Previous information indicated the 40GB X25-V would target a $120 price point, and some premature online retailer listings have more or less confirmed this. An 80GB X25-V is also reportedly on the table, and Intel's upcoming 20-something-nanometer fabrication process should help with reducing costs, but whether or not the X25-V drives will launch with this technology remains to be seen.

Fudzilla reports that Intel's X25-M and X25-E drives will continue to be produced, and the former may scale all the way up to 600GB -- imagine the price on that drive. While Intel has not officially confirmed most of these nuggets, the 40GB X25-V's retail listing is enough evidence for us. Hopefully CES will reveal all.