Earlier this week we saw some coverage around the web about motherboard maker DFI possibly leaving the enthusiast motherboard market to focus on other higher volume endeavors. Considering the sheer number of LANparty motherboards currently available for both AMD and Intel platforms, we didn't go with the flow and tried to make it to the source.

Patricia Chiang who works for DFI's sales department denied such rumors today, although she mentioned it's not the first time similar comments have been circulating outside the company. She was eager to share immediate product plans that include releasing new BIOS revisions for its X58 motherboards to add support for Intel's 6-core 32nm processor, code-named Gulftown.

DFI's R&D team is reportedly working hard on developing their Hybrid system and technology. Also last month DFI launched the MI P55-T36 mini-ITX motherboard, and it seems more products with similar characteristics are in the pipeline. This among other products that were mentioned in a brief response to our inquiry.

With Abit gone the way of the dodo last year, we certainly hope this is not the case for DFI who is known for making fine enthusiast-oriented products.