MSI has announced that it will unveil a few new machines at CES next month, including the Wind Top AP1920 all-in-one PC and Wind Box DE220/DC500 mini PCs. The company boasts that the Wind Top AP1920 is the slimmest in its class at 35mm wide, and has an adjustable 18.5-inch 16:9 display, and is wall-mountable.

Meanwhile, the Wind Box DE220 is a lightweight system around the size of a sheet of A4 paper (210mm x 297mm), and can be mounted behind a monitor to act as an all-in-one system. MSI has given even fewer details about the DC500, except that it is a "highly original device," it's designed to stand upright on a desk, and it's roughly 60% smaller than a conventional desktop system.

All of the mentioned systems are based on Intel's Pineview platform and will be powered by an Atom D410 or D510 processor. MSI's press release contained no other information of note -- except, of course, that interested parties should swing by the company's booth at CES.